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We have very high expectations of behaviour for all our children. The school has a clear policy for behaviour management which is based on praising positive attitudes and behaviour rather than punishment of what is wrong. We have several reward systems which operate throughout the school and children have many opportunities to earn extra rewards and privileges through good standards of work and behaviour. Our high expectations of behaviour must also be maintained over the lunchtime period when the children are in the care of the lunchtime Supervisory Assistants. Persistent poor behaviour and lack of respect for the authority of the Supervisory Assistants can result in individuals being kept in at lunchtimes or having to go home for lunch. Although our approach is based on being positive there are occasionally times when sanctions have to be applied. Parents are always kept informed of any significant problems and we really value parents’ support in dealing with any such problems. If you have any concerns about your child’s well-being or behaviour at school do not hesitate to contact us. These are the Golden Rules from our Behaviour Management Policy. They are displayed in all classrooms and are the basis for a relationship built on respect for oneself, for others and for property.

If a child keeps the golden rule throughout the school week, s/he earns 30 minutes Golden Time on a Friday afternoon. During Golden Time the children have access to a range of chosen activities. The activities vary depending upon the age of the children. If a child does not keep the Golden Rules and does not respond appropriately to the reminders and warnings given, they will lose some of their Golden Time the following Friday. To view our Behaviour Policy please click here

Behaviour Management Steps

In the event of unacceptable behaviour, we use the following sequence of strategies which are very effective (and can also be used in the home situation): If the child is not responding to this system and behaviour is continuing to be a cause for concern, we would always consult with parents before deciding together on the next stage of action. The Golden Rules and ‘Get It Right’ posters are displayed in every classroom and around the school to encourage and remind children of the right path and of our high expectations. The posters are also available for parents to use at home to ensure a consistent and positive approach to behaviour management. Children can also earn Golden Tokens for kindness, good manners and showing respect for adults and other children.


Bullying is deliberate attempt to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. It may take the form of physical, verbal or mental abuse and/or intimidation. It may involve excluding an individual from a group, which can also be a very hurtful experience. There are occasions when children are upset because they have fallen out with friends or been hurt in the playground because another child has been careless or thoughtless. Although such incidents can be distressing and are always taken seriously and dealt with, they are not incidents of bullying. It is important that children learn to distinguish between bullying and other issues. All incidents of bullying are taken very seriously at Bankfields Primary School. Staff are always vigilant for signs of bullying but it can be difficult to detect. Children and parents are actively encouraged to report any bullying behaviour to the child’s class teacher or the headteacher. We can only deal with what we know about. Dealing with bullying behaviour is addressed on a regular basis with children of all ages through Personal, Social and Health Education, through Circle Time and through assemblies. Children are taught to distinguish between acts of bullying and simply having a disagreement with someone or ‘falling out’ with a friend. A bully relies on the victim being too frightened to tell anyone about the bullying. “Do not suffer in silence” is the message that must be constantly reinforced in class work and on an individual level. Our Child-Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy is given to every child and is displayed around the school. This policy was written by children for children and is regularly discussed in classes and assemblies. It defines bullying as; Several Times On Purpose