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Class Visits

Our time in Reception is always exciting as we are introduced to lots of different topics throughout the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. We know that learning does not just take place in the classroom and our teachers know that too! Each term, they arrange a class visit to somewhere exciting, related to our current topic.  It could be a visit to a place in our local community or it could be a place further a field.




A visit to Eston High Street- Jan 2018


A Visit to Tesco’s- Jan 2018.


A trip to Tom’s Café- Jan 2018.


Balance Festival- Nov 2017

Our Autumn Walk to Flatts Lane- Nov 2017

Funky Monkey Fun Festival-  Sep 2017

We were invited to Ryehill School to take part in lots of fun filled physical activities. When we arrived we met the Funky Monkey mascot who cheered us on for each race, as we had to jump over hurdles, balance balls on bats, weave in and out of cones and much much more! 


Reception 2016/17

A Visit to Tesco’s- Jan 2017.

After we had found out about the shops in our local community, Miss Bennett and Miss Turnbull arranged a visit to Tesco’s to learn about supermarkets. We met a very nice lady called Linda, who showed us around the supermarket, including a tour of their bakery to learn about how to make bread. We explained we were going to have a Tiger Tea Party at the end of the week and Linda very kindly gave us a selection of food for the party. It was a very exciting visit!

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A Walk Around Eston Square- Jan 2017.

Following our visit to Tom’s Café, we were taken to Eston Square to explore our local community to find out about the shops in our area. Miss Bennet and Miss Turnbull had a shopping list to take with us and we enjoyed going into the different shops to buy the items on the list.

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A trip to Tom’s Café- Jan 2017.

The New Year began with a new topic all about ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. We have been learning about what happens in a café and the people who work there. Miss Bennett and Miss Turnbull decided to take us to Tom’s café to meet the owner and the staff, as well as stay to order biscuits and juice from their menu. Our teachers even gave us the money to pay the waitresses for our food. It was a lovely morning!

Collage 2017-01-24 20_13_40

Our Autumn Walk to Flatts Lane 2017.

To begin our Autumn and Gruffalo Topic, Miss Bennett and Miss Turnbull decided to take us to Flatts Lane to look at the seasonal changes in the outside environment. We had to use our senses to complete four activities to find out more about autumn.

First, we were challenged to carry out a colour hunt, looking for orange, red, yellow and brown coloured objects. Then, we used iPads to take photographs of the changes we could find. We really enjoyed an autumn hunt, looking for different kinds of leaves, conkers and acorns. Also, we had to collect natural objects to take back to school to use in Art, as were going to make autumn sculptures!