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Look At What We Do In Reception

In Reception, we really enjoy exploring the areas and following our own interests to learn new things and find out about the world around us. Also, we work hard with our teachers in small groups, carrying out Maths, Literacy and Topic based activities throughout the week.

Look at what we have been doing

We can find number, shape and measure activities in many of our indoor and outdoor areas. Also, we love asking the teachers for whiteboards and pens to practise our number writing.Rec What we have been doing (17)We have Phonics every day to learn our letters and sounds. Afterwards, we like to practice and experiment writing in lots of different ways using pencils, pens, chalks, paint brushes, writing stylus’s and anything else our teachers leave out for us!Rec What we have been doing (12)We really enjoy finding out about the world around us. There are computers and iPad to explore and an investigation table with information books to find out about lots of topics. The outdoor area is a great place to find out about living things and our natural environment.Rec What we have been doing (11)The reading area is a nice and cosy place to be. We can retell our favourite stories or ask our teachers to read to us.Rec What we have been doing (10)We really enjoy our indoor and outdoor role play areas, as it is a great opportunity to pretend to be a builder, a doctor, a parent or a chef.Rec What we have been doing (13)Dressing up is fun too – we can be skeletons, princesses, policeman or fairies. It’s fun to choose!Rec What we have been doing (16)There are lots of different construction resources for us to make different models and enjoy imaginative play with our friends.Rec What we have been doing (14)In the play dough and painting area, we have lots of fun experimenting with different colours, tool and techniques. In our Glue and Stick Area, we love to be creative and inventive, you never know what we will create next!Rec What we have been doing (15)The water and sand areas are always fun places to be with our friends. We can pour, scoop, sieve and measure, as well as use lots of different words to describe what we are doing and what we can see.Rec What we have been doing (8)

Our outdoor area is a chance for us to explore and investigate. Not only do we have sand and water, construction, number and writing opportunities but we have a mud kitchen and a mini-beast habitat!Rec What we have been doing (18)In Reception, we have lots of fun being active throughout the day to keep us fit and healthy. We enjoy riding bikes, kicking different sized balls, balancing on different equipment, as well as negotiating spaces and avoiding obstacles by running, skipping or jumping outside.Rec What we have been doing (7)

Even though we are busy each day, we still make time for a healthy snack!Rec What we have been doing (9)

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