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Visits and family learning

Superhero Day 

During our engage stage of the topic we all dressed as superheroes and saved the super toys using our super senses. 

Multi-faith week

During multi-faith week we focused on different religions.

The Great Fire of London

Today we learnt all about the Great Fire of London and how it started in the little bakery owned by Thomas Farriner on Pudding Lane. Then we made our own traditional loaves of bread.



Wheelchair Basketball

This term year 1 were lucky enough to take part in a wheelchair basketball after school club. 

The Queen’s Tea Party

Today we had the pleasure of having afternoon tea with the Queen. She came to see us at the Spa Hotel in Saltburn, where they made us cakes, sandwiches and sausage rolls. It was great!


Halloween Bingo 2017

Enchanted Woodland


Today all of the children in KS1 walked to Flatts Lane woodland area and explored the enchanted woodlands there. We found lots of incredible things left behind by the magical creatures that live in the woods. After all this excitement, we sat down for a picnic before having great fun in the park.


Today as part of our curriculum topic, we went outside to look at the different kinds of trees we have around our school. We hugged the trees and felt their bark. We also compared their leaves and branches to compare the similarities and differences of the trees. 


In science, we have been learning about the habitats and diets of animals that live in the woodland. We learnt about fox’s dens, rabbit’s burrows and bird’s nests. Armed with this knowledge, we headed out to the school field to collect the resources these animals would use and built our own nests. It was great fun!


We have been working with our lovely art teacher Mrs Barker to use our observations of trees to create realistic paintings. We observed the texture of the bark, the patterns and colours of the leaves and how the sky comes down to meet the grass.  First we practised sketching realistic trees and then we used pastels and a range of painting techniques to create our final pieces.


A special visitor came to school today and told us all about judo. We practised skills like concentration and balance by completing all the fun activities whilst trying to balance beanbags on our heads. We really enjoyed this fun workshop!


Year 2 enjoyed their science investigation today! We learnt all about how our heart rate is affected by different excersizes. There was a cool app on the Ipad that was able to monitor out heart rates as we took part in a range of different activities. 


Year 1 investigated which skills they shared with animals today! We tested our dog-like sense of smell on the smelly pots, our frog-like leaping abilities, our bird-like pecking and flying abilities and our snake-like slithering skills.



Whitby Trip